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Some biographical information about Mr.Typo by Alessio Leonardi
Not really well written, but absolutely true.

Some of the FFLetterine Archetipetti Symbols
published 1996 by FontShop International.

The Archetipetti.

Mr. Typo is one of the most famous Archetipetti in the world. The Archetipetti are people first discovered and studied by Alessio Leonardi in 1992. Since then they are growing both in number and popularity all over the known galaxies.

Some of the Archetipetti where collected to complete the typefaces family “FFLetterine” and published by FontShop International 1996. They are two sets of really useful, but unconventional Pi & Symbols – as you can see in the pictures below.

More about the Archetipetti can be found at


Mr.Typo & goes to War
one of the first sketches of the Mr.Typo I made.


The idea for Mr.Typo was born in 2005. At the time I was asked from the Linotype to make a book about their long history. I wanted to have a line (sorry!) that could went through the 125 years of the company and decided to create a character that would follow all the events from the beginning until now. This couldn’t be a real person such as the founder or any other employee of the company, but had to be someone that could survival the changes and last over the time – an imaginary charachter.
Mr. Typo is a french who came to the United States to find a job, got in touch with the Linotype machines and followed for more than one hundred year the technological and typographic developments of the company without to be part of it. With and thanks to Jan Middendorp, who rewrote my text putting a lot of important information in it, we were able to tell the story of 120 years of a great company in a very unofficial way, avoiding the bells of celebration and selfgloryfication that are usual for such company’s books.

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