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Mr.Typo & the End of the World by Alessio Leonardi.
Alessio was interviewed by Julia Kahl for the magazine Slanted. It was really nice and they had a lot of fun. Then they talked about the end of the world: 21.12.12. And decided to give an important statement – in a comic stripe.

Mr.Typo & The End of the World
by Alessio Leonardi
2010, Slanted Magazine

(larger view)

The End of the World

During an interview with Julia Kahl, we discuss about Mr.Typo and his role in the defense of Good Typography (whatever this could be). It sound like a mission, something very important for the world.

Then we went to the so-called Maya prediction about the end of the world at the end of the year 2012: I was sure, Mr.Typo could save the humanity, if only someone would ask for this. And Julia did it, promising she would print the whole story in Slanted – in full colors!

Well, I thought, a picture of Mr.Typo is for sure better then a picture of me. And I begun to draw the story. Here you can see it: the first part is ready, the second one will follow after the 21 December 2012, if everything goes well …

A nice picture of Julia Kahl (with Matthew Carter on the left and Alessio Leonardi on the right):
as you can see we are really happy, the word was saved by Mr.Typo!
But the second part of the comic ist still not ready …


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