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Mr.Typo blogging for Linotype by Alessio Leonardi.
Since 2010 Linotype is publishing on a quite regular base a comic strip with the adventures of our hero.

Mr.Typo blogging
by Alessio Leonardi
since 2010 at

There is no topic, that would not interest Mr. Typo and his Friends, but of course Type and Typography at first.

With a certain regularity, Mr. Typo is commenting the newest technologies, the problems of a typophile, the letters on a wine label, shortly: everything Alessio is concerning about while drawing new stories.

The stripes are often a little anarchist, sometimes surrealist and poetic. As like we know him, Mr. Typo would never say, this is right and that’s wrong: his message about type and design is a love one: only if you love something you can understand it.

There is not a lot more to say about it: you just have to take a look for yourself: either directly at or here, for a small preview. Enjoy it!

(Please note: these links open a PDF in a new browser window).

–> Computer Addict

–> Origin of Serif

–> Typewriter Typography

–> Tilde & the Signage System

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